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I am more than satisfied with the level of professionalism.

Gashanew Dessie

Yeshiwas Eyasu is an excellent attorney who really goes above and beyond for his client

Abdurehman Yasin

Yeshiwas Eyasu & Associates law firm has handled many legal matters for me over the years and has always achieved the outcome I was looking for.

Spare World Trading

Over the years Yeshiwas Eyasu has provided me with sound, clear and practical legal advice on various issues

Ultimate Motors

We needed legal advisors with proven legal experience in a number of fields, which we found at Yeshiwas Eyasu & Associates law office

Zelalem Fikadu

Lawyers in this firm are ethical, honest and knowledgeable.


This law firm is outstanding.

Yohannes Muche


Legal Represetation

Court Litigation

Legal Consulation

Legal Documentaion

Available 24/7
Unlike many other firms, we are available 24/7. We are available in person and over the phone. If our clients are unable to meet at our office, we will gladly come to you
Merger and Acquisition
Yeshiwas has a preeminent M&A practice that is engaged in the full spectrum of public and private mergers and acquisitions and private equity transactions across a variety of industries.
Experienced Trial Attorneys
We have well experienced lawyer's in our firm in different cases like Corporate and Business, labor and employement, Tax Law and also family lawyers to guide you throughout your case.
Full Range of Legal Services
Yeshiwas and his legal team provide the sensitivity and knowledge you require, as well as a broad range of legal services.
Efficient service
Our team provides effective and efficient service, and we are delighted to answer any questions you may have.
Completes the case in a Success
Our company is known for its proven accomplishments, and we are dedicated to achieving the best results for our clients. We have won hundrands of cases for them.


Bank and Finance Case

Construction and Real Estate Case

Tax Law


What do you want to know about the law firm?

Is Yeshiwas Eyasu & Associates the right law firm for me?
Choosing a law firm to represent you and your case is one of the most important decisions you can ever make. We understand that your case is important to you and choosing the right firm and attorneys to represent you could make the difference for your case. Yeshiwas Eyasu & Associates is the best law firm with many dedicated trial and transaction lawyers with over 45 years of combined experience. Having this in mind, we are able to dedicate the appropriate resources and time to manage your case.
What types of cases does your law firm handle?
Yeshiwas Eyasu & Associates handle claims at all levels.
Do I need to come to your office and meet you in person to retain you, or to receive legal services?
It is preferable for you to come to our office so that you can become acquainted with the staff who will be working diligently on your case. However, when it is not possible for you to come to our office, we can schedule a date and time to meet with you at a location that is more convenient for you. In addition, we can facilitate business electronically to save you time and money.
What are your business hours?
Our business hours are 8:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. However, please feel free to call or email us after hours. We are committed to returning our client’s and potential client’s calls and emails within 24 hours or less.
How can I become a client of your firm?
Please call us at +251927 21 21 21 and speak with a member of our staff who will schedule you a free consultation, at a time that is most convenient for you. During your free consultation, the attorney will determine how our firm can best represent you and your case.
Do you charge for consultations?
We don’t do so for the first time.
What do I do when I have a question?
You can call our office or email us at yeshiwaseyasu@gmail.com with any questions in regards to your case or on any other matter. We are committed to returning all calls and emails within 24 hours.
What is expected of me as a client of your firm?
We want you to trust that we are here to help you during the difficult times that arise when being faced with a lawsuit. We expect for you to come to us with any questions or concerns that you may have. We want you to be honest and responsive with us so that we can best prepare you for any possible depositions.
Does it matter how long I wait to file a lawsuit?
Yes. Many provisions of the law provide time limits to formally file a lawsuit or claim. These laws, called the "statute of limitations", will prevent an otherwise viable claim from being considered if it is not filed on time. Therefore, it is important to contact us, or any lawyer, as soon as possible after you have been harmed.
When do I need a lawyer?
Many people believe they need an attorney’s services only to solve a problem or to get out of a difficult situation. Often‚ the best time to see an attorney is not when you are in legal trouble but before that trouble occurs. Preventive law is one of the most valuable services that a lawyer can perform. By eliminating potential problems, preventive law can save you time‚ money‚ and needless worry.



Yeshiwas Eyasu


Yeshiwas Eyasu is a prestigious attorney in Addis A baba, Ethiopia. He is both the first founder and Managing partner of Yeshiwas Eyasu & Associates law firm

Hailemariam Desalegn


Hailemariam Desalegn is famous litigation lawyer in the law firm. He is also co-founder and permanent partner to Yeshiwas Eyasu

Esayas Yirga


Esayas Yirga is famous transaction lawyer in the law firm. He is also co-founder and permanent partner to Yeshiwas Eyasu & Associates


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